Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something to try eating

I have been experimenting with breakfast foods. A batch of waffles turned out very dry and hard but not burned. Not much fun to eat, but the taste was fine. What would happen if I used such a waffle as bread for french toast? The result was edible, but needs to be refined to become delicious. I've learned to make waffles where their consistency turns out the way I want, which is a function of heat and timing and making the batter in a fit ratio. But my french toast batter needs work. Just beat up eggs isn't quite right.

The french toasted waffles cooked without burning, but where a bit tough. The heat does not cook the inside at the same rate as the surface - might need to use a lid. I wonder what sort of flavorings would work for french toast; cinnamon and vanilla are the traditional ones, but there must be others that would be fitting. I've been putting ginger in waffle batter, it takes the plainness out of them, but is not unobstructive.

More experimenting should produce something worthwhile. Any suggestions?

Grady Houger ~ enjoys the useful science of food

You should try it yourself!

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