Thursday, September 28, 2023

1611 and 1560 Bibles

As a book collector, I was impressed with the facsimile reproductions of first edition, first printing Bibles made by They have ended this project, and I wanted to share the few, poor photos I took of these books owned by a friend of mine. has some left in stock, I purchased some for myself, a large format first edition seems to be a project we won't see available any time soon, and not for the current price of $140 with free shipping.

Hendrickson "Normal full sized" Bible on top. It's the next best option for those looking for a 1611 facsimile, but the smaller print is not as easy to read.
Greatsite had included real Bible pages from Geneva and KJV printings with their facsimiles, since their main business is original volume restoration. The text of those originals are small but very clear. The letter quality of the facsimiles are very good but not flawless. I'll try to upload a photo when I get my own books.

The Greatsite team made a site where original Bible page scans can be viewed.

PDFs and other smaller format Bible printings are out there, but this was the only full sized, easy to read original edition printing I could find.