Wednesday, March 25, 2020

purpose in time

I'm working on this idea to replace the dose of nihilism I got in college. Its working but I'm not sure its articulated well, so consider this a draft.

what to do about the problem of the ultimate futility of endeavors? Excluding scientific utopianism, the likely future in most thought systems is the end of the world. Entropy dissolves all. Kingdoms are forgotten. Its in all the key religions including my choice, Christianity. The salvation and restoration of the faithful survivors and land itself comes after wickedness takes power and destruction covers all. So what are we striving for in our political systems, in our architecture, businesses and dynasties? If these things we must build (for they are necessary) are doomed, why do we build?
The answer I have found, is to consider their lifespans. Like a tree, they start, are protected, are productive, and depending on variety, can stand grand and tall for many ages. They only last so long. They must give way and let another take its space. Perhaps they go to fuel flames, or become some other building or instrument.
So our daily work, with few exceptions, is not for eternity. It is for the life of the structure. That I accept. For now, to build a thing or maintain something where my lifespan is a small part of its duration. Our efforts are futile, aren't futile? We don't know. The work is here before us, so let us act in the service of what is good, beautiful, and true.