Monday, July 14, 2014

Get up Peter, kill and eat.
Yes, no, or delay by endless debate and discussion?
Get up and act.
Take action.
Whatever result may come.
Kill and eat.
Journey to a far town.
Act on faith, despite your ignorance,
your clueless peering into the unknown.
Why do you act?
Why do what is never done?
Because you have been transformed down to the core.
A light in your heart, resting on the whole group of your friends
We met God.
No action is too much.
No sacrifice too great.
No obstacle will stop our movement.
"Get up" is enough, even when we don't understand.
And what of the results, the consequences?
We don't know, we only trust God, who we have met.
The calling is sure, the next step illumined,
the conclusion is not our concern, it belongs to God,
who we have met.