Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog day 2010: want to buy a condo?

I've been working on an advertisement for my condo in Bellingham. It was nice to have it for college, but overall it was not smart financially. I could pay it off over the next decade, but I don't think its a good investment with all the interest I have to pay. Its always best to buy things entire or not at all. As soon as I can get rid of this I'll have no debt and I intend to never borrow any money again. The "borrow is slave to the lender" and all that. Dave Ramsey is my main inspiration for being financially sensible. Second would be my parents.
Click here for to see photography of the place. $119k if you want it.

Listened to today:
some streaming praise music through Shoutcast
Buzz Goertzen - God Loves Country Music and Yodelers too!
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Christsafari - Valley of Decision
Car Talk on NPR

Here is a guy in Lesotho building a house.

Book Review: War Cycles Peace Cycles - by Richard Kelly Hoskins

So my dad was loaned this book by a neighbor, and since my dad has a phonebook sized EMT textbook to memorize, he passed on 'Cycles' to me.
This book is an economic history of the world, emphasizing historical causes for economic collapse and what individual Americans can do to prepare for the next crash.
My recommendation: Do not read this book!
It was written with engaging style and confidant authority. It does have some interesting ideas about economics that would be worth researching elsewhere. Anywhere else. But the only reason to read this book is to have a look at the reasoning of one of the respected sages of the White Supremacist movement. I started reading 'Cycles' with no knowledge of who Hoskins was. I as just judging the book by its cover, which is black with a bold font and a crashing stock market graph. The text of the book is a fixed width font, printed by some process that looks like a copy of typewriter pages, and somewhat blurry at that. It was a glue bound paperback. This styling portrayed genuine underground publication, cheaply done in someones basement with outdated equipment. Probably was, since no publisher would put there name on this.
Growing up here in the inland northwest there may be few colored peoples, but there is a population of White Supremacists. Even so, they are portrayed as violent nuts who hate Black people. I had not thought about their reasoning for believing themselves supreme. 'Cycles' holds a lot of that reasoning. Based mainly on warped interpretation of the Bible and inability to get over past grievances (mainly the civil war), Hoskins explains how Whites are really God's chosen race, how the current Jews are not. He also claims that the Jewish bankers know the system is flawed and use it to maintain power and get rich off the wars and revolutions they instigate.
The only point worth pursuing is that lending at interest always leads to economic collapse. I found Hostkin's explanations for this lacked rigor. What was engaging was his detailed account of how large scale borrowing-at-interest had caused the collapse of nations throughout history. Not sure if he was accurate about that, but it was interesting.

'War Cycles Peace Cycles' was too full of 'trying to prove a point' to be a valid source of economic education, but it is a detailed read if you want to understand the thinking of White Supremacists.

Blog day 2010: RV family

Arrived at 49degrees North, my brothers preferred ski area. On the way here we where behind a slow RV for a while. It was an old dirty RV with what looked like a lawn mower on top. Written on the back in sharpie was "Don't Laugh, we found it in the Paleozoic layer!" There was a cardboard sign duct taped on that read "Homeschooling heaven" and in the back window was "Honk if you believe God made the Grand Canyon", and "Arizona or Bust". It appeared that inside someone was cooking breakfast. The kids waved at us. When my 50hp VW pickup was finally able to pass, I honked.
I wish I could have got a picture of that RV. What a great way to travel.
Snowboarding sure is fun. I should have started years ago.Its great just being up here in evergreen mountains.

Speaking of slow vehicles, here is an ox cart in Lesotho.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomorrow: Blog day 2010

Tomorrow I'm taking my brother snowboarding. I'm glad to have learned how this year, but just not feeling like snowboarding tomorrow. So instead I'll sit in the lodge and catch up on some computer chores. Why not liveblog the thought stream? This might be fun. I'll try to update at least once an hour once I'm there.

It's always nice to put a picture up with each blog post. Blogging advice bloggers say its one of the secrets of success. I see blogs where the writer has obviosly went to a microstock photos site and found a picture that vaguely illistrates the the point of their post. It looks kind of lame when people do this on every post. I'm a photographer, so I see it as my duty to at least have it be my own photos I put up. Photos are like ideas; rather pointless unless you do something with them.

Here is a photo of me five years ago.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of tractor driving to look forward to

This week I've been riding in the tractor as it drives itself! Autosteer been working well. It makes the tractor driving experience new and strange. Now I can take notes, eat with both hands, wave my arms around. There is still plenty to keep an eye on, and I have to make the turns at the end of each pass, but now there is none of the fatigue of focusing on the GPS line all day.Also, the frogs have came out of hibernation!