Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alternate photo for drive poem

Driving tractor earlier this spring.

a driving poem

I switched to the classical music channel and wrote this on the tractor yesterday. I wouldn't rate this poem very high, but I enjoyed writing it.

     I can drive
until the sun falls from the sky
and boils the ocean dry
and is left,
a hard cold coal of sun
and an albatross carries it back in time -
to start the day again.
      I can drive
until all the aluminum is removed from
all the feldspar everywhere
and the stripes on the roads are
      I can drive
until you've learned every song ever wrote on piano.
and all the people
who ever existed have listened to it all,
live in concert.
every tear is cried
every tear, and all weeds are
gone from every field
with friends across every phylum.
all weariness is sated
and time is measured
as the space between then and now,
not from within
as we wait until.