Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been trying to get this picture for a while. Hopefully I'll get it better some day. We live in a navy jet training run and all my life I've been bombed by these guys. They target our house, our barn, combines out in the field, and today our equipment shed. I was standing outside with the birds chirping, connecting a chemical pump. I heard the beginning of the noise and rushed to grab my camera. I had about a second and a half to pull it out and point it up and hold down the shutter button.

When directly in line with the sound it is such a short intense roar with the build up and taper off. Its a whole body sound.

I've always liked the jets going over. They are most always A-6 Intruders, sometimes they are low enough to see the pilot. As I've got older, I also think of how glad I am that I'm not Taliban or Iraqi hoping one of these isn't going to come by and blow me up. It leaves me feeling strange inside to be working on some farm equipment, three seconds of ZOOM and the plane is a dot in the distance. If this weren't a test, I'd be dead.

This one seems to be between 500-1000 feet up. They stay under the sound barrier.