Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog day 2010: want to buy a condo?

I've been working on an advertisement for my condo in Bellingham. It was nice to have it for college, but overall it was not smart financially. I could pay it off over the next decade, but I don't think its a good investment with all the interest I have to pay. Its always best to buy things entire or not at all. As soon as I can get rid of this I'll have no debt and I intend to never borrow any money again. The "borrow is slave to the lender" and all that. Dave Ramsey is my main inspiration for being financially sensible. Second would be my parents.
Click here for to see photography of the place. $119k if you want it.

Listened to today:
some streaming praise music through Shoutcast
Buzz Goertzen - God Loves Country Music and Yodelers too!
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Christsafari - Valley of Decision
Car Talk on NPR

Here is a guy in Lesotho building a house.


Tracy said...

Beautiful condo! Hope you find a buyer for the place. Looks like a beautiful area to live around. Love the outside view. :)

Anselma Faith said...

why are you listening to Black Sabbath?