Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomorrow: Blog day 2010

Tomorrow I'm taking my brother snowboarding. I'm glad to have learned how this year, but just not feeling like snowboarding tomorrow. So instead I'll sit in the lodge and catch up on some computer chores. Why not liveblog the thought stream? This might be fun. I'll try to update at least once an hour once I'm there.

It's always nice to put a picture up with each blog post. Blogging advice bloggers say its one of the secrets of success. I see blogs where the writer has obviosly went to a microstock photos site and found a picture that vaguely illistrates the the point of their post. It looks kind of lame when people do this on every post. I'm a photographer, so I see it as my duty to at least have it be my own photos I put up. Photos are like ideas; rather pointless unless you do something with them.

Here is a photo of me five years ago.

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