Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog day 2010: RV family

Arrived at 49degrees North, my brothers preferred ski area. On the way here we where behind a slow RV for a while. It was an old dirty RV with what looked like a lawn mower on top. Written on the back in sharpie was "Don't Laugh, we found it in the Paleozoic layer!" There was a cardboard sign duct taped on that read "Homeschooling heaven" and in the back window was "Honk if you believe God made the Grand Canyon", and "Arizona or Bust". It appeared that inside someone was cooking breakfast. The kids waved at us. When my 50hp VW pickup was finally able to pass, I honked.
I wish I could have got a picture of that RV. What a great way to travel.
Snowboarding sure is fun. I should have started years ago.Its great just being up here in evergreen mountains.

Speaking of slow vehicles, here is an ox cart in Lesotho.

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