Friday, February 22, 2008

not cloudy today

I’m working on Mental Shifts part 3, which looks like it need a part 4. But the topic of human consciousness is complex, and I’m thinking up new considerations I hadn’t thought of before. They are all out of order, and are taking a lot of work to connect properly, and fill in the holes. But I am working on it every day, thanks to Kjell’s Facebook response to it. That’s all it takes to get me working, just show some interest and pose a question. It’s just that quality writing takes a level of organization and refinement of argument that I’m not capable of writing in one shot. So daily revision is necessary.

What can be done in one shot is talking about what happened on the bus. I got in and there was a snappily dressed fellow playing a ukulele! It was quite cheery.

Grady Houger

Hi Mom! (and other potentially existant blog reader(s)! ) Remember you can click the word COMMENTS under the post there to leave your 2 cents. Actually, there's a new blogger feature where I an add a button for you to directly phone-call/voicemail me. I don't think I'll bother. I'm terribly inarticulate on the phone and I tend to expect other people to be as well. Writing should be good enought right?

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