Wednesday, February 06, 2008

draft on coping

A theme in science philosophy and science fiction is a humans inability to fully comprihend reality; particularilty the vastness of space, the enormity of humanities frailness and limitations. Now, scientific thinkers discount religion fo various -sometimes fair- reasons, but authentic Christianity is what I believe enables a person to face those enormous concepts without going mad. The scientific consept that we are insignifigant, small, fragile creatures in a vast and pearilous universe is not herisy. I can honestly say I am a weak and inconsiquential individual who does not matter. All sorts of statements can be true, it just depends on what your solving the equasion for. purpose and meaning in life is going to be a bit bleak in a humanist system. Scripture definately teaches human frailty and how vast other forces are, most particularily God. Its alright though. Instead of being small and weak in a system of nature that is unthinking, uncareing, and ready to destroy you; a Christian can be weak and small in a world overseen by a supreme power who personally cares. God doesnt remove problems, He redefines them into understandible processes. A person is insignifigant only in relation to what a person considers important. If thats fame, power and such, its easy to not matter. I believe purpose can be something more attainable, like knowing God and obeying him.

Grady Houger

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