Thursday, February 07, 2008

its not enough to like stuff

It’s not enough to like stuff. Stuff doesn't do anything. It’s just a starting point, what you like seeps in to you, and has to come out. Feeding aptitudes isn’t enough. More has to come of it. Make things. Being a fan is no good. Participate!

There are so many interests that prove this false. But not really. You can enjoy reading about mountain climbing and enjoy the stories without ever climbing maintains. True. But you are not mountain climbing, your a reader. that’s what you’re doing.

I like unpopular music. I need to make it. I like reading. I need to write. What I realized is how lousy I'm doing as a writer. I'm not committed, I’m learning how to write, and it takes ALL a persons effort. Doing well at something usually means devoting yourself to it, letting it consume you. I can't be a vapid consumer of interesting things. I have to give up stuff in order to make something. If I be a writer, I won't be something else. By being something you give up the other things you could be.

Grady ~ isn't anything at the now

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