Saturday, January 05, 2008

I will walk bravely into the dark, and not stop!

Tomorrow I will be leaving the ancestral mansion for another term at the university. Slowly I am moving furniture and books from the room I grew up in to the college house I bought, and so I look upon all the half finished hobbies that had filled my life.

While I still like all the same hobbies, I don't have time or money to collect rocks and bugs, make ammunition, buy guns, build electronics out of scrap parts, carve wood, study chemistry, track animals, and read old magazines. Plus there's the two model airplanes and the model ship I never finished, and the bobcat skeletain that I didn't mount. I wish I had my childhood over again so I could actually finish some of those things. But all I have is memories of how cool it would have been to do this or that. All I have is a little sadness, and a room full of junk. Fortunately, my college home isn't large enough to hold the ghosts of my past, so I won't bring them with me. And hopefully I'm adult enough to take that remorse and actually go out and *finish* something!

That's my goal.

Grady Houger ~ The time has come!

Yes, it's time to run while I have the spirit, and when that's gone, at least walk.

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