Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I hope you find something interesting to read

Well constancy didn't last long, only 6 days in and I missed posting two days in a row! But that's no reason to quit. My excuse is that I didn't have net access when I was moving back to college.

Recently I conversed about Bible codes, where people try to find anagrams and such in the original languages that spell out some sort of prophecy. Today I read that this sort of research has its roots in the theology of Jewish cabalists. Their theory is that if the scriptures are the work of an absolute intelligence, than nothing would be left up to chance, thus the placement, number and count of all the words, characters and lines would be placed exactly, and may contain hidden mysteries just as the meaning contains hidden mysteries.
I have my faith that God is absolute in all attributes. Since here have been no clear messages to be found encrypted, lets us make conjecture about how God uses chance and variable elements. One reason would be the principal of faith alone being our way to God, not external mathematical proofs. Or perhaps God does not have an inherent love of cryptography, and only intended scripture to have word meaning. Also, the very idea of worshiping text instead of meaning is condemned by reason itself. The truths of the bible where transmitted orally, and that is good enough. The convention of writing is not sacred in itself. The argument could be made that gardening is. (and shepherding, and raising children.) Even with a list of divinely utilized jobs, it is not the job, but the obedience and character of the individual that is important, and the use of physical activities as metaphor of truths spiritual and abstract. We should consider all the things God didn't do, nothing forceful or insistant to compell us to believe in him. This is not so exciting for those who do not believe, but for those who do, I think it is worth considering how the things we think up to force obediance are not methods God uses.
These are my thoughts, putting what I read skimming through a book into my recent considerations. That book is Labyrinths: selected works - by Jorge Luis Borges, particularly -The Mirror of Enigmas.

Funny story: I'm sitting in the library, and everything is silent. Then ringing out someone crunches a chip. Then behind me, someone starts crunching an apple. In stereo I hear them! Hungry I become, and leave to go somewhere It is permitted to eat my sandwich that promises to be particularly crumby.

Grady Houger ~ I must enjoy homework

By saving money at the rate of $30 a week, I will have saved about $3000 at the end of two years. What would you do if your hands could hold an extra three thousand dollars?

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