Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two Poems

Drinking tap water from a Ball Brand 'Mason' jar:
Lines on the side. 
6oz it so happens. 
Natural tremble holding it, gazing.
Water level shifts in this cylinder - circle
into ovals, constant variation with the tilt.
Breath rippling this mirror.
Peering through layers of transparent reflections - the room light, The molded bumps on the jar bottom, the mottled surface of the jar wall, fingerprints on the side. The water surface wiggling.
Rolling water, sliding back into itself, beads left behind.
Tilted upward now, a little river left in the glass valley bottom; breath fogging the canopy of heaven.

Path of words 
Melodic. Clear sliding
Glass. Gifted synthesizers
Keening. Artificial brightness 
In curled bulbs. I lost
Awareness -
Of neck pain.

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