Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sleeping in the woods: Day 1

I figured if I sleep out in the woods I'll be able to get some cool wildlife shots and become familiar with where and when the animals travel.

Moved out to woods. Tent full of mosquitoes. So I smashed them all. Mosquitoes all over outside of tent, they are making their noise in surround sound. Coyotes calling close. Forgot a flashlight, can't read. Road noise louder than inside insulated house. Moths thump against tent. Its quite cold. Must bring more bedding next time. Unexplained noises are far more surprising in the dark, but there isn't much chance of danger in these woods.

In the morning, woke up late. (7am) Saw doe and fawn out the tent door. It was a pretty good start.

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Anselma Faith said...

lol you have to plan more before you go out :D